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Loan Process Overview

  1. Pre-Application Planning – This is the best time to gather your income documentation, assets, and your general budget and sit down with a member of our team.  For your convenience, we can usually complete this step over the telephone.  The most important imparitive aspect of this step is to ensure it has been completed prior to looking for a home or deciding to refinance.  This way you can be confident you have properly budgeted for your new hoem purchase or you posses a good understanding of whether or not it will be beneficial to refinance your home. Contact us today for a free pre-planning consultation.
  2. Loan Application – During this step you will present all of your updated financial documents to our team here at NKS Financial.  At this time, you will also sign your loan application which is then submitte to the underwriter for thier review.
  3. Underwriting Process –  After recieving your loan application, the underwriter reviews you documents, credit, and application.  The underwriter will provide a decision on your loan.  The time frame for this step in the loan process can range from a quick 24 hours to as long as 3 weeks, depending on the loan volume. Our team will be able to provide you with a realistic expectation of time that this step will take and we will keep you updated every step of the way!
  4. Gathering Condition –  The underwriter may ask for additional documents or information, called condition. They will require you produce these documents before they are able to fund, or close, your loan.  An example of an additional condition an underwriter may request is a new paystub or updated bank statement.  During this step, we ask that you get back to us as quickly as possible with additional requested documents so that we can keep the ball rolling!
  5. Closing/Settlement – When we reach this step, you have signed all your loan papers and the bank has had the opportunity to review all of your documents.  The bank will then wire funds to escrow, or “fund your loan” as we call it. The respective county will then record the loan.  At this point, NKS has fulfilled their promise to you of successfully fund your loan and get you into a new home or refinance but it doesn’t stop there!  We are still available to answer any questions you may have even after your loan has closed and we plan to keep in touch with you in the future!  If you have purchased a new home, let us know your new phone number so we can continue to keep in contact with you!

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